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Proven4, founded by professional athlete Frank Catalanotto, has been supplying athletes with high quality sports supplements for years and we are committed to continuously offering the best products available at competitive rates.  Often, when sports supplements are created, they are manufactured at a variety of locations and then blended and mixed into their final form. Proven4 takes a different approach and has their entire supplement carefully tested as a final product. Our sports supplements are analyzed in a lab setting and tested to ensure that all the claims made are proven through the scientific method. To ensure your complete peace of mind we offer you the opportunity to view the Certificate of Analysis on each product we sell. Just check out the individual product’s page to see it!

If you’re looking for NSF certified sports supplements, our pre-game formula and our energy drink formula are both NSF Certified. This means they are are proven to be safe for professional athletes and do not contain any banned substances. We are committed to keeping your career safe and still offering your high quality products that work exactly the way we promise they will. At Proven4 we are passionate about the products we offer and we strive to continuously improve and expand our selection of sports supplements that are ideal for athletes.


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