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Stress Series: 4 Practical Ways Athletes Can Combat Stress

Exercise itself helps people tackle stress but in a highly stressful world, sometimes we need additional solutions.


In our last couple of posts in our stress series, we went in depth about the ramifications stress has on your training — chronic stress takes hold and captures your results and training goals.


And the reality is, most of us are coping with some degree of chronic stress, so telling someone to “lighten up” or “just get over it” is extremely crass and unhelpful.


Stress is one of the most difficult things to shake, and managing chronic stress takes time.


So, let’s be kind to each other and bring forth practical stress solutions!


At Proven4, we craft pre, post, and muscle recovery drinks to cultivate a workout that means something! Take a moment to explore doable stress management techniques that will only add to your training goals.

4 Ways To Combat Your Stress


If asked, most of us would say we’re not that stressed out, but the research leads us elsewhere and our bodies never lie.


Managing stress may be one of the most impactful parts in your health and wellness journey, so let’s dive into tangible things you can start today.


Go inward.


There was a recent study where people chose a mild shock over being alone with their own thoughts, and that really shines a light on where we are as a collective. Instead of going inward, we’re running away and blocking the things that actually need our exploration.


So, go inward. Get curious.


Doable things can be keeping a journal or investing in therapy. When we work on ourselves and comfort our stress, over time, it can bring significant changes.


Take a moment for yourself.


A lot of us are caught up in the “shoulds” of life or subscribe to a narrative that was imposed on us by our family, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Begin to identify what is not serving you and see what can be changed.


In all of this, take time for yourself. Do something every day that manifests joy. This may be taking yourself to brunch and reading your favorite book, taking an early morning walk, or simply drinking your morning coffee in silence.


Do one thing for you once a day.


Connect with your breath.


Breathing is a good, effective, and cheap technique to combat stress. Take three to five minutes (or more) and sit and breathe deeply. Deep breaths help to oxygenate your blood, center your body, and conjure clarity.


A deep breath in inhaling through your nose and expanding and breathing from your diaphragm (a deep belly breath), and exhaling through your mouth.  


Do it in a slow, calm manner.


Slow Down


We are in the thick of a hustle and bustle culture and it’s only creating people who are chronically stressed. So, consider slowing down. Say yes to less and be more discerning with your time.


You are not obligated to go to everything you’re invited to, so choose, choose what you want to attend.


Slowing down may also mean altering your training. Overtraining is a real thing we’ve covered, so listening to your body is vital. Maybe this means doing more gentle movements such as yoga or pilates, or simply listening to what your body needs.


Stress is a certainty of life, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. When stress is left to its own devices, it impacts your health and wellness immeasurably.


With awareness and small changes, managing stress is doable and it can start with practical things such as journaling, taking time each day for yourself, and slowing down.    


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