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Taking Your Fitness Outdoors

It’s spring, so why not emerge from hibernation by exercising outdoors?!

If you’ve felt cooped up indoors and antsy because you’re confined to a specific square footage when the weather is drab and cold, you can begin to thaw out and soak in the sunshine with the emergence of spring!

And while there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice long walk outdoors, if you’re looking for different ways to get your sweat on while communing with Mother Nature, we have you covered!

Proven 4 supports all athletes — from collegiate athletes to those who grind in their garage — to help you reach your goals through our collection of NSF Certified For Sport® sports workout supplements. Embrace spring with us and read more about fun ways to workout outdoors in today’s post!

Workouts in the Fresh Air

Spring is the perfect time to bring your training outdoors — the ambient temperatures are neither too cold nor too hot, so you can get outdoors without having to wait for the peak hours to reach a certain temperature or get up at the crack of dawn to avoid the impending sizzle.

Beyond walking, what can you do for a workout outside this spring?

Deckside Yoga Flow

Take your mat to the deck or patio for a sun-drenched yoga flow! Whether you have a flow memorized or not, this is a great chance to play with your flow or even bring your laptop outdoors and try a new yoga class.

Better yet, take your workout to the next level by enjoying a coffee before or after you work out to spend even more time in nature.

Track Workouts

Now that spring and summer races have resumed, if you’re training for an upcoming event, hitting your local outdoor track is a great way to get outside. Whether you’re doing 100-meter repeats or pyramid fartleks, somehow a little fresh air makes these track workouts a little less brutal!


What’s better than a really good workout? Doing something that’s fun, that’s also a really good workout! Kickball is just that — join a local league and get ready to sprint from base to base, kick, and throw your heart out. The camaraderie, the appearance of an adult beverage or two, and the nice weather make it feel like you’re not even working out!


The 90s are back in so many great ways, so naturally, rollerblading is reliving its glory days! Dust off or buy a pair of rollerblades for a fun activity you can do all spring and summer long. You can do it as a nice evening activity after dinner, or spend hours on the new paved trail in your area.

Park Workouts

If you’re in an area without a yard, you can take your workout to the next best place — a local park. Whether you love a good HIIT workout or you’re looking for cardio, the park provides endless options.

With minimal equipment — some dumbbells or resistance bands — you can get your sweat on. Take your regularly scheduled gym time to the park and enjoy squats, lateral arm raises, and crunches in the sun. You can even take advantage of the playground equipment for things like pull-ups, inverted rows, and box jumps.

For more of a cardio workout, you can always run around the park, but a wide-open field is calling your name for sprints! You can also get a good workout in by playing soccer with a few friends or hitting up the outdoor tennis courts — parks have it all!

Water Workouts

Swimming is a fantastic workout especially because it’s low-impact, yet still allows for maximum calorie burn. Most outdoor pools have specific hours for you to swim laps, and you may even be able to sign up for a water aerobics class or something similar.

If you’re in an area with recreational lakes, there are a variety of fun activities to do on the water. Rent a SUP or kayak and paddle around for an afternoon, or get a group together and go rafting.

Yearning For The Outdoors? Get Out Your Door Today!

The sublime spring weather is beckoning you — it’s time to have fun in the sun! So whether you’re doing yoga, rollerblading, joining a kickball team, hitting the park, or splashing around in the water, the springtime definitely helps us emerge from the cold winter weather to enjoy the great outdoors.

Wherever you workout this spring, take Proven 4 with you! With a variety of pre-workout, energy, and recovery supplements that mix with water, you’ll feel great and your body is well supported.

Indulge in delicious flavors, such as cherry limeade and tangerine, and get clean ingredients that you know and trust. Our products feature a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, electrolytes, an energy complex, BCAAs, and much more.

Find your favorite Proven 4 product today!



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