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The Importance Of An NSF Certified For Sport® Product

Because the ingredients in your workout supplements matter whether you’re a professional athlete or not!


People who are invested in their training — whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or professional athlete — all saunter common ground, which is the ability to support our bodies through every workout. 


And, we need sports supplements that can meet the demands of our training day in and day out! Products that are clean and abundant in all the beneficial ingredients, while steering clear of the ones that are harmful. 


Heighten your training with Proven4 sport supplement products! We have a variety of pre-workout, energy, and post-workout products to fuel your workout, and, we carry the NSF Certified For Sport® label! Learn more about why this label is vital for everyone, athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike!   

The Relevance Of An NSF Certified For Sport® Label

While athletes are very aware of the NSF Certified For Sport Label®, it leaves those who aren’t professional athletes wondering what this label is and the relevance of it. 


A quick background on NSF Certified For Sport®…


NSF Certified For Sport® is the leading independent sports supplement product testing and certification program recognized by major professional organizations such as the NFL and MLB. This label carries a great rapport with athletes, coaches, and trainers for a product that is safe, reliable, and free from over 270 banned substances that athletes must comply with.  


Why All Consumers Should Choose An NSF Certified For Sport® Workout Supplement


Athletes look for the NSF Certified For Sport® label because it’s one they know they can trust — it isn’t a gamble. There’s no questioning or combing the label trying to identify every ingredient they’re not familiar with — it’s an ease and a product they do not have to think twice about adding to their routine. 


So why does this matter for non-athletes? 


A product that carries an NSF Certified For Sport® label is just as relevant to non-athletes as it is to athletes — let’s explore this below.  


A key thing to remember about the supplement industry is that it is in high demand for both athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Company after company are pining for your attention and a piece of the market share, in pursuit of the next trendy ingredient or formulation that will give their customers an athletic edge. And because there is no overarching governing body to regulate everything that hits the market, a fine line between product innovation and product responsibility becomes a very fine line that supplement manufacturers tread. 

Who is ensuring the quality and safety of all the existing and new supplement products that are flooding the industry? And unfortunately, many companies are coming up short.   


This is where NSF Certified For Sport® has stepped in. 


When you choose a label with the NSF Certified For Sport Label®, you get a product that has been thoroughly tested for its safety and potency, which is relevant to everyone — we all want to consume a product that is safe, in addition to supporting our health. 





With as stressful as our lives can be, the last thing we want to have to worry about is the sports supplements we’re consuming. 


We bought it at a store so it has to be safe, right?  


Unfortunately, because there is no regulation of sports supplements, even if you purchase a product from a reputable store or supplier it doesn’t mean the product is safe to consume! Things fall through the cracks and new products enter the market every day with niche ingredients, that we really have no idea what they’re going to do or how people will react. 


When you choose an NSF Certified For Sport® product, you get the reassurance that it has been tested and is safe for consumption — the label matches the ingredients and the ingredients match the label! There are no mystery ingredients that could impact your health.  



An NSF Certified For Sport® label ushers full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re getting in every product that has this label. There is no inadvertent doping of a mystery compound or harmful ingredients that could affect your health. 


Verification Of The Formulation


A great reason to choose an NSF Certified For Sport® product as a non-athlete is the steps they go through to ensure a quality product. Products that are certified are typically tested twice a year for verification of their formula. And, if the ingredients change or a different supplier is used, the NSF Certified For Sport® organization needs to be alerted and the process for becoming certified has to happen again. 

The takeaway for those who are recreational athletes is that an NSF Certified For Sport® is just as relevant to you as it is for professional athletes. Sure, you don’t have to worry about WADA and banned substance compliance, however, your health should always be a priority, and this label ensures a safe and high-quality sports supplement product. 


Experience the best sports supplement products in the industry when you choose our NSF Certified For Sport® products! Shop today!