The Many Benefits of Landmine Training!

If you’re unfamiliar with the landmine training device, it’s a relatively small and basic looking piece of equipment that’s probably covered in dust and stuffed into a lonely corner at the gym. Here’s why it’s time to blow the dust off of it:

The landmine is a tube/pivot sleeve in which you insert an Olympic barbell. It allows you to move the weight freely in any and all directions, supports your range of motion and natural movement patterns while often recruiting more muscle fibers than movement-restricting machines.

In other words, the landmine transforms normal moves like the squat or overhead press and gives them an unfamiliar feel due to weight imbalance and the way the body must adapt to handle the weight load. Additionally, landmine exercises can help prevent back and knee pain during compound moves like the squat or lunge, and lessen pressure on your joints when doing overhead presses. Use these three moves to get you started with landmine training:

Landmine Front Squat: Facing the landmine and standing at the end of the barbell, cup your hands and hold the bar with both hands at chest level. Squat down through the heels and keep your back straight and your elbows close to your body. When your legs are parallel with the ground, return to the start position.

Landmine Single-Leg Deadlift: Stand to one side of the barbell. Grasp the tip of the barbell with your right hand, bend your left knee slightly and raise your right leg behind you into the air. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your head in a neutral position as you push your hips forward until you stand upright. Do not put your leg back on the ground. Continue for your reps, then switch legs.

Landmine One-Arm Shoulder Press: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and face the landmine unit. Grasp the bar with one hand and hoist it into the racked position (the bar is near your chin and your elbows is resting while being pushed slightly into your midsection). Press the bar up overhead without twisting your torso. Keep your core tight. Slowly return to the racked position and repeat.

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