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The Power of Plyometrics: Can you really add distance to your golf swing?

Plyometrics training for golf? Really? “You may not think the two go together,” says golf fitness expert Kristy Breuler, “but when power in golf translates to longer drives, what golfer doesn’t want to increase power in their swing?”

Here’s how it works: “Power is a combination of speed and strength. And the ‘jump training’ in plyometrics exerts maximum force in a short period of time recruiting the gluteus, quadriceps and hamstrings muscles in training,” says Breuler.

Kristy recommends powering up with P4 Pre Game 20 minutes before doing the following exercises to increase your power in your drives and amp up your golf game:


Stand in a squat, jump up and rotate 1/4 turn to land on a platform. Increase the rotation as you get stronger. Land soft and deep with wide feet and both toes facing parallel. Explode 10 powerful jumps on each side. Focus on quickness in the hips as you rotate toward finish.

2. PILATES JUMPBOARD (Kristy’s Favorite & Safest!)

This style of plyo training is less taxing on the knees and feet. The Pilates reformer is spring-loaded equipment that requires you to recruit the core muscles as you jump in the horizontal position. Check out the video for reference.


Perform a plank with hands on your Bosu Balance Trainer. Alternate legs coming into a deep lunge and push off the floor with aquick switching of your feet.


Stand tall, jump down to push up, get up to do a tuck jump and exert force up.

“To increase power, choose two exercises at 30-second explosive intervals, four days a week. Work this regimen into your gym time by creating a circuit. For example: warm up, core, upper body, PLYO, core, and repeat!” says Breuler. If you’re lagging, P4 Energy will help you push through the circuit.

Kristy Breuler is a TPI-certified golf fitness and Pilates instructor at Kensington Golf & Country Club in Naples, Florida. She has 10 years of expertience in golf conditioning, and is a dynamic resource for golfers of both pro and amateur golfers. Kristy is deliberate about making smart choices for her body, which is why she is passionate about P4 and proud to be a regular editorial contributor as part of the Proven 4 team. 


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