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Three Compelling Reasons Why You Should Absolutely Be Running

No one but no one can argue with the fact that running does a body good. But set aside the obvious health benefits of the sport for just one millisecond and consider these added perks: running can also make you smarter, happier and more well-rounded.

Whether you’re an endurance runner or a “sometimes”runner, you’re probably nodding your head in approval right now and totally tracking with this thought. If, however, pounding pavement is NOT your thing and you might even consider yourself a bona fide running “hater,” well… let’s look at the facts.

1.Running can make you smarter

Scientists have proven that vigorous exercise, likerunning, increases your ability to learn and fosters the growth of brain cells. Think about it. Running requires focus, concentration and determination­–key attributes of strong learners. So, when you run, not only are you exercising your calf muscles, you’re also exercising your mind muscles.

2.Running can make you happier

The “runner’s high” is a real thing that happens when endorphins kick in during or after a run. But the great thing about the high is that it stays with you for a good while. Plus, throw in the feeling of accomplishment you experience after running several miles and it all adds up to a happier you.

3.Running can make you more well-rounded.

While running is first and foremost an individual sport, there is a strong social component as well. Runnerstend to be extremely supportive of one another as they help each other grow in the sport. Such camaraderiewith and exposure to like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds leads to well-rounded thinking and a life well-lived.

Running may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But with some self-motivation, encouragement from friends and a good training schedule, running can help you achieve incredible results that go far beyond just physical fitness. If you’re really serious about running, take a tip from the pros and consider adding a sports supplement to your fitness regimen like P4 Energy Formula, which contains a carb loader to help promote power and endurance. You may be well on your way to completing a marathon before you know it!


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