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Tips For Eating Healthy On A Road Trip




Summer vacation may not be as cool as it was when you were a kid, but it’s still an ideal time to take a road trip or book a getaway for a change of scenery. That said, heading out of town for some R&R and stress relief doesn’t mean you should let your nutritional goals go on hiatus with you. And that can be tough when you’re in the car for long periods of time, passing countless neon signs of Golden Arches and convenient stores.

While it’s easy to crave junk or candy bars, we suggest you skip the chips and fatty snacks by keeping your fitness goals in mind. Those high-carb foods with added sugar can cause an insulin spike that’ll end up putting you in a vicious circle of craving junk. And while studies show that adding a couple of cheat meals per week can be beneficial to your strength gains, indulging too often will put you a step behind when it’s time to restart your training regimen. Use these tips to stay healthy on the road this summer …

Make Your Own Snacks

Making your own trail mix can save you money and keep you munching on healthy foods. Ideas for ingredients: pecans, almonds, or cashews; sunflower seeds; pumpkin seeds; dried edamame; dark chocolate; wasabi peas; dried cranberries; and dried apricots.

Skip The Sugary Drinks

A mug full of black coffee in the morning — or even better, P4’s sports supplement Energy Formula, which some athletes sub for a morning cup of joe — is a good way to start the day. But avoid sugary lattes and sodas; they’re often calorie bombs. If you’re bouncing around from hotel to hotel, fill up your P4 BlenderBottle ProStak with water for the trip. That way you’ll have your shaker bottle when you want to mix up your supps as well as a cup for water when you’re on the go.

BYOG (Bring Your Own Gym)

Whether you’re staying in a cheap motel or camping, your surroundings can be your gym. Using only a chair you can do dips, incline pushups, and step-ups. Add that to a circuit of bodyweight squats and walking lunges and you’ll break a sweat. If you have suspension training straps, like TRX, bring ’em. They’re easy to pack and can be used just about anywhere there’s a sturdy anchor point. Of course, you can always toss your running shoes in your suitcase. So long as you have shorts and a shirt you’re all set for a jog — which is also a free way to explore your new surroundings.

Keep A Steady Eating Schedule 

We’re not saying you need to set your alarm to eat while you’re sightseeing. You are on vacation, after all. But try to keep a schedule where you’re eating every two to three hours. Even if it’s a snack — remember the trail mix or cheese sticks we mentioned? — it’ll tide you over until you’re able to get a proper protein-centric meal.


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