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Tips To Fight The Common Cold


We pride ourselves on delivering the best pre- and post-workout sports supplements that enable you to blast through a workout and recover faster. But even P4’s Pre Workout Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula have their limits when stacked up against a nasty cold. There a few things that can provide the motivation and energy to prop you out of bed or defog your congested head (rhyme inadvertent, we swear).

To keep colds at bay, you’ll want to wash your paws with antibacterial soap regularly as well as routinely provide your body proper nutrition. Also, finding ways to get these items into your diet on a consistent basis might not be a bad idea either …


It’s not amazing for your breath, but some studies show that garlic can assist immune function and serve as an anti-inflammatory device for your body.

Vitamin C

The myth: loading up on it will get rid of a cold faster. The fact: not getting enough regularly can lead to you getting sick. Overall, it’s not about munching on a vitamin when you’re feeling ill; it’s about ensuring that you’re consistent with your vitamin C levels.


Elderberries contain flavonoids, which may have the ability to combat swelling and inflammation while boosting the immune system. One study cited by the University of Maryland Medical Center claimed elderberries had the potential to cut cold and flu symptoms by up to three days.

Hey, what about zinc?

While some studies show that taking zinc regularly can enable your body to ditch a cold a day or so earlier, it’s certainly not a panacea for the common cold. In fact, along with not having the ability to slow symptoms, zinc can also interact with medications and be potentially harmful if you take too much of it.

Overall, it’s important to keep in mind that these are general tips and methods for fending off the common cold. In other words, we’re not attempting to make a medical diagnosis here. If you have a question or concern, consult a doctor.


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