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Try Pre-Exhaust Training for Serious Muscle Gain

Pre-exhaust training can spur serious strength and muscle gains. This method requires you to begin with sets of a single-joint exercise before performing sets of a multijoint exercise that targets the same muscle group. At Proven 4, our workout supplements can help you prepare for this type of training.

For example, it can be beneficial to perform chest flyes before bench presses, or one-leg leg extensions prior to squats or leg presses. But it’s important to remember that it’s not a superset; you’re not moving from one exercise to the other without rest. Instead, you’re performing standalone sets with regular rest intervals. The idea is to isolate and fatigue the muscle so it becomes the weak link in the compound movement. In turn, this will cause the muscle to work harder and lead to more strength gains. You can also incorporate changes in your diet to promote mass gains.

To help reduce your risk of injury, use lighter weight on the compound movements after you’ve pre-exhausted the muscle. This is an especially important tip for newcomers to this style of training who may not realize that they’re most likely unable to move the amount of weight they typically would with standard sets. And while we understand that “going light” can be tough on some peoples’ egos, keep in mind that the new demands you’re placing on the muscle will lead to a stronger physique and ups the potential for bigger lifts.

If you want to try pre-exhaust training, follow these steps: perform three to five sets of an isolation exercise, and then match the number of sets when you perform a compound movement. Fluctuate the rep schemes as well. For example, try 15-25 sets on the isolation exercise using slow, controlled reps. execute 8-12 reps with a compound movement. The following week, flip that so you’re doing 8-12 reps with the single-joint movement, and 15-25 with the compound exercise. And when you need that extra boost, add Proven 4’s workout supplements to your exercise routine.


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