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Try This: Around-The-World Plank


Though the plank looks like an easy move any noob can pull off — all you’re doing is getting into a pushup position and holding yourself with your forearms — after about a minute it turns into a serious core blaster. If you’re new to planks, stick with the basics and throw in some side planks to start (side planks are the same concept but you’re on your side, obviously). And once you’re ready to graduate to something more advanced, may we suggest around-the-world planks.

Unique Ways To Blast Your Pecs

Around-the-world planks not only thrash your core, they also tax your upper and lower back, shoulders, and triceps. Here’s how to do them: Get into a pushup position with your feet on a flat bench or chair. Keep your core tight as you walk your hands in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction toward the chair or bench. Do not allow your hips to sink or your feet to move throughout the movement. Try to work up to four reps at 60 seconds each.

How To Perfect Overhead Triceps Extensions Form

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