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Try This: P4’s Recovery Push Formula Raspberry Smoothie

Anyone remember Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer from the 1980s? Of course you do! Okay, you probably don’t. Point is, juicing isn’t new. But like most fitness trends, after hibernating for a bit, juicing has made a comeback as an easy way to get a jolt of vitamins and nutrients in one drink. Nothing wrong with that, but the downsides are A) juicers can be pricy, B) buying pre-made juices adds up quickly, and C) some juice blends can taste as delicious as grass clippings.

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An alternative to juicing is to make smoothies. No expensive heavy-duty juicer required; all you need is a decent blender, ice, and some tasty ingredients that create a more filling drink that provides similar health benefits as juices. And while you’ve no doubt had multiple post-workout smoothies in your lifetime, something you may not have thought to add to it is P4’s NSF Certified for Sport workout supplement Recovery Push Formula. On its own, Recovery Push Formula is incredibly tasty and contains a vitamin matrix (including vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, and B12, among others), carbohydrate loader and BCAA’s to help support your body’s recovery following a tough training session. Plunk in some fresh berries, a scoop a whey protein, ice, and organic sweetener (if desired) and you’ll be gulping down a taste-bud tingling, muscle-fortifying cup of awesomeness!

Make It: Recovery Push Formula Raspberry Smoothie

• 2 cups coconut milk

• 1 scoop Recovery Push Formula

• 1 scoop whey protein

• 1/4 cup frozen raspberries

• Ice cubes (3-5 cubes)

• Stevia or agave to taste