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Who should try P4 Energy?

If you’ve wanted to try it, there’s no better time. Our tangerine-flavored formula is designed to support energy levels and hydration for ultimate endurance, which means it’s great for long-form workouts or practice. And because it’s NSF-certified for sport, it’s safe for professional athletes and fitness junkies too.

What does NSF-Certified For Sport mean, and why do you care?

If you exercise regularly and you’ve never heard of NSF Certified for Sport products, please read this! It’s important.

Bottom line, some sports supplement companies aren’t honest about what’s in their formula. That can be dangerous to the body and threatening to a professional career. So NSF International helps athletes have confidence in the product they’re putting in their body, assuring products are label-claim-verified (what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle) and that the supplements meet the standards of professional organizations (no banned substances). Getting the green light to put the “NSF Certified for Sport®” mark on our Energy Formula label means the product has met NSF’s comprehensive testing guidelines and is label-claim-verified.

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