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Welcome To The New P4

While you’ve used the latter half of 2014 to pump lots of iron, drip buckets of sweat, elevating your game to new heights, we’ve been busy updating our website, revamping our P4 workout supplement packaging, and adding top-tier Olympians, professional baseball players, MMA fighters, and standout pro football running back Joique Bell to our TEAM P4 roster!

And we’re planning to ride this momentum straight into 2015. In the coming weeks and months ahead expect to see bundles of great supplement specials, exclusive product deals, and P4 sports supplement giveaways that’ll help you usher in the New Year with more strength and muscle gains.

However, despite all of the changes we’ve made, something we haven’t changed are the ingredients used in our trio of all-star products — Pre Workout Formula, Energy Formula, and Recovery Push Formula. All three still possess the same highly effective and NSF Certified for Sport® formula that made them a go-to for pro athletes, Olympians, triathletes, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and competitive weekend warriors.

For newbies, obtaining the privilege to put the NSF Certified for Sport® logo on a label is a huge deal. It means that an independent group tested each product to ensure it was banned-substance-free and label-claim-verified by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

The reason we tout those NSF credentials? Because we believe in transparency, and that athletes at all levels — from casual to competitive to professional — who trust P4 deserve to know exactly what they’re putting into their body.

Lastly, you’ll notice how we didn’t wait until Jan. 1 to reveal our upgrades. We’re hoping that you’ll follow suit. If you have fitness-related New Year’s Resolutions, don’t wait to get moving on them. With the help of P4’s sports supplements, you can conquer any and every training goal you have.

Meet the all stars:

Pre Game Formula

Featuring CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine®, creatine, caffeine, and taurine, Pre Game Formula ignites your energy levels so you can demolish even the most demanding training sessions and leave you with energy to spare.

Energy Formula

When you’re in the midst of a tough game or workout and find yourself dragging — hey, it happens to us all — you’ll want something with enough kick to reenergize and get you back on track. Using caffeine, KarboLyn®, taurine, electrolytes, and an intense vitamin matrix, Energy Formula is your in-game source to provide fuel for a strong finish.

Recovery Push Formula

After the hard work has been put in and the dust settles you want to put yourself into a position for a speedy recovery. Glutazorb®, AminoZorb®, and KarboLyn® work in unison to get the job done.