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What is 100s Training?

Want to test your mettle while increasing muscle endurance? Run yourself through a grueling one or two weeks of 100s training to see if you can run with the big boys and girls. How you perform this style of training is simple. The execution is anything but that.

Select a weight that’s between 20 and 30 percent of what you’d use when performing 10 strict, slow-and-steady repetitions of an exercise. Then perform one set of 100 reps. Ultimately your goal is to complete 50 and 70 reps at a moderate pace before needing to rest. Once you’re able to reach the 75-rep mark without stopping, it’s time to increase the weight. To build up to that, you can first arrange the reps in whatever order you want so long as you complete the set. Try 40, rest, 30 more, rest, and 20, and 10.

As far as the timing your rest, that hinges on how many reps you have left to go in your set. So, for example, if you start burning out at 62 reps and need to stop, you can allow yourself 38 seconds before you begin the exercise again. That said, if you need more time, take it.

Why try 100s training? Along with being a great way to break up monotony, improve vascularization, and challenge yourself, the amount of volume involved recruits and utilizes the slow-twitch muscle fibers that are used during endurance activities.

Mix and match exercises as you see fit; do a full-body workout or perform a handful of upper-body movements and then switch to lower-body exercises. It’s up to you. Essentially, so long as you achieve 100 reps in all of the exercises you choose for your workout, you’ve officially leveled up in your training.

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