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What’s in P4? Your Ingredients Spotlight.

What makes P4 so effective for serious athletes? Take American Track and Field Athlete David Verburg for instance. He says, “I like the combination of PRE GAME and ENERGY. If you’re feeling sluggish, it definitely puts pep in your step. You get more energy while you’re working out which enhances my practices and helps me get through my workouts.”

If you’re like a lot of serious athletes and you hear things like “pep in your step” and “enhances practices,” you naturally want to know about the active ingredients spurring that change. So when Olympians, marathon runners, or pro baseball and basketball players choose P4, what exactly is giving them that signature push to take their workout to the next level?

Since all P4 products are NSF Certified for Sport, you’re guaranteed that the ingredients listed on the container are actually the accurate makeup of your P4 sports supplement. Here, you’ll see a deeper dive into P4’s key ingredients that are working hard for you while you work hard at the gym.