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Why Chickpeas Belong In Your Diet

Garbanzo beans — also known as chickpeas — come with numerous benefits for lifters and athletes. For starters, just a half a cup of chickpeas provides about six grams of protein and five grams of fiber, around one-third of which is in the form of soluble fiber. Research has shown that consuming ample quantities of soluble fiber helps support healthy populations of beneficial gut bacteria that maintain regularity, aid digestion, produce serotonin, and condition the immune system. Additionally, chickpeas are a low-fat source of complex carbohydrates, which promote sustained energy because of how long the body takes to break them down.

As a vitamin source, chickpeas contain potassium (food for nerve and musclefunction), B vitamins (for energy), and iron (used in the formation of red blood cells); their folate, phosphorous, magnesium, and potassium content also support the cardiovascular system.

While you might be used to consuming chickpeas in hummus or falafel, there are plenty of other ways to eat them. Roast ‘em up as an appetizer or snack — all you need is olive oil, a few choice spices, and an oven. Toss them into salads to provide a tasty crunch (that’s healthier than many store-bought croutons). Drop them into tomato soup or pasta dishes, or smash them up with an avocado to make a midday sandwich.

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