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Why Choosing NSF Certified for Sport Supplements is Important


sports supplement is designed to enhance an athlete’s performance and provide the necessary nutrition to help your body perform and recover. There are thousands of companies who make workout supplements, but many of these products can be dangerous, or useless. Supplements are not required to meet specific Food and Drug Administration standards which means that there are no regulations that ensure the consumer’s safety. Sports supplements are not required to meet the safety regulations of over-the-counter drugs or prescription drugs nor are the companies held to any specific manufacturing standards. Additionally there is no guarantee that your workout supplements will meet purity ratings or efficacy testing.

There are a variety of reasons not to trust your health to any sports supplement, but when you choose a NSF Certified for sport supplement you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly analyzed and tested. P4’s facilities are regularly checked and all of our products are lab tested for safety and effectiveness. Many unregulated sports supplements contain illegal ingredients or ingredients that have been banned by professional athletic organizations.

P4 offer the NSF certified for sport supplements that are safe for athletes of all levels to use. Our four step system includes the best pre workout supplement available, an in-game Energy Drink Formula, and a P4 Recovery Push to help your body maintain the skill and energy you need when it counts most and recover quickly. P4’s NSF certified for sport supplements are unmatched by any other company. We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive effective products at competitive prices. Order your sports supplements today!


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