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Valerie Smith

Smith attended Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan from 2006-2010, where she played on the school’s volleyball team and earned a BA in exercise science. Immediately following graduation she was recruited to play volleyball overseas representing the United States. She spent the next two years at Central Michigan University earning her master’s degree in exercise physiology.

Smith met Michelle Rzepka, a Team USA bobsled athlete who took 6th with partner Shauna Rohbock at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, while writing her thesis in 2012. This meeting essentially launched Smith’s future as a bobsled athlete.

Smith impressed with her skill at a preliminary combine, and was asked to participate in the national team pushing championships.

"I’m still young in this sport and have a lot of room to grow," Smith says. "My ultimate goal is to be a representative of the United States at the Olympics. I love this sport and have realized that if you focus on what you really want to do there is nothing that can stop you from getting there."

Smith's P4 Program

Pre Game Formula:

Prior to races and competition, and 2-3 times per week before heavy lifts

Energy Formula:

During longer training sessions and track workouts

Recovery Push Formula:

After heavy lifts, sprint workouts, or exhausting training sessions

Select Career Highlights

2013: North American Cup (push athlete for Berit Tomten) — 2nd in Lake Placid #9 in women’s bobsled

2014: North American Cup (push athlete for Brittany Reinbolt) — 4th in Lake Placid #1 and 3rd in Lake Placid #2 in women’s bobsled


Valerie Smith


Bobsled and Skeleton




March 14, 1988




185 lbs.


Wyandotte, MI

"During the off-season I train five to six days per week anywhere from three to five hours per day. In-season I’m training six days per week about eight to 10 hours per day. I use Pre Game Formula, Energy Formula to get me through my long workouts, and since recovery is a big thing for me, I use Recovery Push Formula so I am able to give 100 percent to my next workout. And since I can be tested [for banned substances] it helps knowing P4 products are safe and clean, and that I know what’s going into my body."

—Valerie Smith