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Will Witherspoon

The University of Georgia standout was a defensive powerhouse during his 12-year pro football career: 949 tackles, 26 sacks, 11 forced fumbles, and 14 interceptions. Spoon was drafted in 2002 by the Carolina Panthers. He later took over duties at outside linebacker for the Eagles and Titans before making his return to St. Louis in 2013.

Prior to the 2014 season Witherspoon signed with the Rams Radio Network as their sideline reporter, effectively trading his helmet and shoulder pads for a press badge and microphone.

Despite no longer competing at the pro level, Spoon’s dedication to eating clean and training hard lives on. Putting his agricultural engineering degree from UGA to good use, he raises free-range, organic, grass-fed cattle as the owner and operator of Shire Gate Farm near Owensville, Missouri.

Select Career Highlights

2002: Helped lead Carolina to become the second best defense in the league.

2003: Achieved a career-high 16 tackles in Super Bowl XXXVIII (Carolina vs. New England).

2007: Named team MVP (Rams).


Will Witherspoon


Professional Football


Outside Linebacker


Aug. 19, 1980




242 lbs.


San Antonio, TX

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—Will Witherspoon