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Fitness From Home (Part One)

There’s working from home and then there’s working out from home!


In a digital age where so many of us are digital nomads or have the option to work from home, this environment can be optimal for a great sweat sesh and affords us so many benefits for our training goals.


However, you get hyped for a workout — your favorite song blasting or yoga before intense lifting — combine it with the best NSF pre-workout for the ultimate drive! At Proven4, motivation is found within, but elevated with us! If a great home workout is in your near future, read more in today’s post!

Training From Home


There are so many reasons why working out from home may suit you — you’re a stay-at-home parent, you work remotely, or you’re in recovery from an injury and need to get back into the saddle, slowly. Let’s explore the perks of training from home below!


Training Freedom


When you workout from home, you have the freedom to come and go as you please. There is no waiting for a treadmill or squat rack, and you can moan, groan, and grunt without having all eyes on you!


Better yet, everything is accessible and there is no way to derail your workout by the headphones, sports bra, or running shoes you forgot! And, you can sprawl out your things and lay in the middle of the floor as post-workout recovery.




When you hit the gym, it may be a social thing, but it’s also a time to get serious and put in some good training time. The gym can be one giant distraction — you have people coming up to chat with you, the loud gym gabbers that think they’re the only ones, and everything in-between.


When you workout from home, it’s you and your training, and your distractions are minimized.


Great Weather


At your home gym, the weather is always nice! If you tend to hit the trails or the pavement running, inclement weather can hinder that marathon or ultra training, so when you have a day where it’s impossible to be in the great outdoors, your home gym can keep you on pace for a PR!


Ideal Location


Nothing is better than rolling out of bed and walking a couple of doors down to your home gym instead of the alternate of waking up, packing your bag and making sure you have everything, and then hitting the road — hoping and crossing your fingers you don’t hit traffic.


Having to get out and drive to the gym can also kill motivation. It gives you time to second guess and make excuses on why you can’t go — and this does nothing for your goals.


Training from home essentially helps reduce stress because you can forego all the prepping and traffic anxiety and get into the zone!


There are so many benefits to training remotely and in the comfort of your own home, freedom to ditch the stress and really focus on the task at hand.


There is still much to share, so keep checking back for part two!


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