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How Does A Sports Supplement Become NSF Certified For Sport®?

Learn more about the process and how to identify an NSF Certified For Sport® product!


The sports supplement industry is an ever-revolving door — one product in and another out — where new supplements are introduced at an alarming rate, with no signs of slowing. In such a fast-paced industry, it’s difficult for consumers and athletes to keep up with the ingredients going into these supplements. In-text image


This is what has led to the NSF Certified For Sport® label. It’s an independent testing standard that strictly tests the safety and quality to ensure that what’s on the label is in the product and what’s in the product is on the label. With this, athletes can make the most informed choice when choosing sports supplements and know that it complies with the list of banned substances.   


At Proven4, our sports supplements are NSF Certified For Sport®, so you know exactly what you’re getting — a quality product that supports your athletic pursuits! Take a moment with us today and learn more about the rigorous process of how a sports supplement becomes NSF Certified For Sport®.  


The 5 Steps To An NSF Certified For Sport® Certification


5 Steps To Achieving An NSF Certified For Sport® Certification
Submitting The NSF Certified For Sport® Application
Facility Review
Toxicology Analysis
Ongoing Laboratory Testing/Inspection
Product Approval/Listing


The NSF Certified For Sport® carries weight and has a significant reputation and positive rapport with athletes, so much so, that the label is endorsed by a myriad of sports organizations including:






When a sports supplement product is tested it undergoes an examination of 270+ banned substances, a label confirmation, a review of the formulation, and an overall inspection of the facility in which it’s produced. 


Identifying the NSF Certified For Sport® logo:

The Advantages Of An NSF Certified For Sport® Product


  • Safety and accuracy
  • Independently tested to be free of harmful and banned substances
  • Provides confidence in the sports supplements you choose
  • Affords athletes, trainers, coaches, and consumers the ability to make informed decisions 
  • Products are tested for over 270+ banned substances


Choosing Proven4 

As an athlete, what you consume is just as important as how you train, so not only do you want a sports supplement product that elevates your training, but you need one that is clean and clear of any banned substances.


From a pre-workout or energy supplement to a post-workout recovery product, Proven4’s line of sports supplement products are all NSF Certified For Sport®, so the only sweating you’ll face is your next workout — and not what’s in the product!  In-text image


When you choose Proven4, you’re choosing sports supplement products that not only support your training goals but carry the NSF certified For Sport® label, so you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality and clean product every time! 


Find your Proven4 sports supplement product today!