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Because not only are your health and wellness at stake, but perhaps your professional sports career!


You can’t out supplement poor eating habits, after all, supplements fill the gap and support your health and wellness. The goal is to provide you with knock-out compounds that keep you healthy and help you recover more quickly so you can get right back to crushing your goals!


At Proven4, our NSF-Certified For Sport ™ supplements are here to support you — to help you train harder and longer and support muscle recovery. Navigate supplements and learn more about NSF-certified sports products in today’s post.

Putting Trust In Supplements


Supplements have received a lot of bad press, that has caused a lot of distrust by consumers. From recalls due to tainted products with harmful, unapproved ingredients to products that make broad and serious health claims, it’s no wonder it puts both the general public and professional athletes on edge.


Who can they trust and how do they know they can trust a product?


The Gold Standard For Athletes: NSF-certified for sport ™ Products


NSF is a third-party, independent, and recognized organization known for its commitment to quality of supplements. So, if you’re concerned about what  is in a product and in the claims that it makes, turn to no other than NSF Certified For Sports ™ products.


Just this label alone can give athletes, coaches, and trainers the peace of mind they need when faced with a long list of banned substances that they’re tested for in their routine drug tests. It also allows them to make well-informed decisions about their wellness when they embark on the, sometimes gray areas, of sports supplementation.


The NSF-Certified For Sport ™ Way


As a third-party and stringent professional organization, the NSF has many requirements a company must pass to be labeled as such.


FDA Compliance


FDA compliance is a must for any supplement, but to even be considered, it has to comply with the Good Manufacturing Requirements (GMP) set in place by the FDA.


Thorough Audits

A bi-annual audit to ensure the company is following the GMP and NSF’s best practices.


Proper Labeling


The product is tested to ensure that the supplement facts on the label, are in fact, what’s in the bottle. Everything must match the printed label and this is tested and verified by the NSF.


Safe Products


In addition to testing the ingredients listed on the label, it also tests for any harmful contaminants, allergens, mycotoxins, herbicides, heavy metals, fraudulent ingredients, and other toxins that affect the quality and safety.


What does the NSF test?


The NSF tests for beta-antagonists, cannabinoids, beta, blockers, hormones, masking agents, diuretics, steroids, stimulants, and narcotics that are on the United States Anti-Doping Agency’s banned substances list.


For each supplement under review, the NSF implements test batteries to expose a compound right down to the pesticides that were used on an herb to grow it. No stones are left unturned and the details are what make the NSF-Certified For Sport ™ a reliable and trustworthy organization.


The takeaway, the NSF-Certified For Sport ™ tests for what is in the supplement and then compares it to the label — if there isn’t a match, the product is denied.


Athletes And Supplements


A professional athlete is committed to a rigorous training schedule where it’s difficult to get optimal nutrition through food alone — they require protein and simple carbs at an accelerated rate that needs to be easily digestible, and you can’t always do this with food.


Supplements provide the athlete a convenience to ensure they stay healthy, for an optimal training schedule and fewer missed days.


NSF-Certified For Sport ™ Pre and Post Workout Drinks

At Proven4, all of our products are NSF-certified For sport ™ for a heightened training and recovery experience! Find your P4 product today!       




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