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Is Fat Loss A Goal? Try The NEAT Method

Level up your physical goals with Proven 4!

If you have a goal weight or a specific body fat percentage you want to reach, there’s a good chance you’ve adjusted your diet and training program. But beyond the broccoli and chicken dinners and leaving a little bit of your soul on the mat after every workout, there may be another way to support your weight loss goal. Enter the NEAT Method!

What is the NEAT Method and what role does it play in fat loss? Dive into this topic with Proven4 in today’s post.

Everyone has their idea of what they want to achieve in the gym — and ultimately in the kitchen — when it comes to physical goals. And whether you’re chasing the elusive goal of six-pack abs or you just want to feel more confident, the NEAT Method may be just the thing to add to your health and wellness regimen.

What is NEAT?

NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. Let’s hit pause and consider this — fat loss could be attained through non-exercise! This is what makes the NEAT Method so advantageous — it’s accessible and tangible for everyone!

NEAT is considered to be the energy that we use for everything that does not include eating, sleeping, or exercising, and can encompass everything from standing around to pacing around while on the telephone.

How does this help tackle your physical goals? Researchers have begun to dive into how NEAT impacts us and our weight by examining the hours each day that aren’t spent on eating, sleeping, and exercise, and the research is encouraging — there is a good amount of room in our day to achieve sustained and effective weight loss without having to hit the gym longer or get super stressed about counting calories or macros.

Simply by essentially fidgeting more, you burn more calories and support your physical goals. Have you ever seen those people who seem to eat whatever they want, yet never gain weight? Have you watched their actions?

It’s been found that those who are labeled “busy bodies” often have a healthy BMI just by fidgeting. These are the people that tap their legs as they work or move side to side as they cook dinner — the people who can’t stand still!

Stop Before You Plop!

If you’re a person who works on your feet, typically NEAT isn’t an issue, but if you spend a majority of your day behind a desk, prioritizing NEAT activities may help you combat weight gain and aid in your fat loss goals!

As a desk-bound employee, it’s natural to plop on the couch after a long day of work, but if you can mix in some NEAT activities throughout your workday or after you get home, it will help your fitness pursuits.

What does NEAT look like throughout the day?

  • Parking farther away from your work building or while you’re out running errands
  • Taking the stairs
  • Standing up and walking around when you take a phone call
  • Walk over and talk to a co-worker instead of sending a chat
  • Break up your day by walking around or doing some bodyweight movements every hour or so
  • Do some dishes or clean a little when you get home
  • Pick up dinner instead of having it delivered
  • Tend to your garden or yard
  • Fidget more

Boost Your NEAT Routine With Proven4!

In a slump? Need a little extra energy? Proven4 has you covered! With delicious-tasting and nutrient-packed pre-workouts, you’ll be ready to engage in all the NEAT to help reach your fat loss goals!