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Recognizing Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete (Part One)

Athletes often want the upper hand in their sport, but it’s important to stay aware of the substances they take. 


Both semi-professional and professional athletes encounter strict rules on doping and many are subject to anti-doping rules which makes it imperative that they stay cognizant and ahead of any red flags when it comes to products and substances that may help give them an edge. 


If you’re an athlete in search of a clean sports supplement to incorporate pre, intra, or post workout, our products are vetted and NSF Certified For Sport,™ for a clean and transparent product from Proven4. Join us in today’s post as we review red flag warnings to watch for. 

An Athlete’s Right To Protect Their Health and Reputation


Athletes are dedicated to their sport, after all, it’s their job. They spend countless hours a day in and day out training and giving it all. And, if they’re at a level where they’re in the public eye, the pressure to perform can be daunting, which makes finding an edge or tweaking their training just a bit becomes all the more appealing — they don’t want to let themselves, coaches, or fans down. 


Being in the spotlight also means that so are their bodies, as they’re required to follow the anti-doping rules and compete on a transparent playing field with other competitors. Because athletes are held to high standards, it’s important too that they remain privy and active to all the decisions that are being made in their training — being an active participant and not a passive athlete. 


This means educating themselves on the products and supplements they’re taking to minimize a possible rule violation, positive doping test, and even serious health consequences. It’s vital to remain competitive as an athlete while remaining diligent in the supplements and sports products you consume — it’s about your reputation and your health!


The Pressure Of Winning At All Costs


In sports, we know athletes want to win and we know their competitive drive is higher than average, but in the community, there is an insidious notion that is carried by parents, coaches, and athletes alike, that winning is the only thing that really matters. 


This attitude is dangerous because it causes athletes, trainers, and coaches to mis-step and use an unidentified substance — all for the sake of winning. Some is done out of nativity and not enough exploration of the product, while the other part is done out in the open knowing full well that the substance is banned. 


As an athlete, decisions about your training are being made at lightning speed and sometimes you’re not even present, which is why it is essential to do the work of examining what your team wants you to take and vetting all of the products before consumption.


In the end, if you test positive for a banned substance, you lose anyway — there is no winning in doping or using banned substances. 


At the end of the day, it comes down to you — it’s your body, your health, and your career. Don’t become a passive participant in the sport you love and instead assert your power, take up space, and play an active role in the products and supplements that you are being asked to take. 


Yes, you want to become the best at your sport but that comes with hard work and diligent training, not from banned or questionable substances. 


Feel confident in your abilities, give it all you have, and the rest is all you! If you’re ready to explore more red flags, watch for them in a follow-up post soon!


One way to support your training while staying a clean athlete is through NSF Certified For Sport™ products from Proven4. Backed by extensive research and formulated with the athlete in mind, we have your back!


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