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Recognizing Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete (Part Two)

Using banned substances effects your health and reputation as an athlete which is why it’s vital to know all the red flags!


The conversation about doping and using banned substances as an athlete is vast and a relevant one to discuss. In part one, we began the dialogue by scrutinizing the role an athlete must play — an active rather than passive role — and how this directly affects their health and reputation. We also touched on the notion of winning at all costs, and how this mentality held by parents, coaches, trainers, and athletes can cause a blind spot and cost the athlete their reputation, health, and career as a result of violating the anti-doping agency’s rules on banned substances. 


At Proven4, we urge you to always question what you’re taking as an athlete and to educate yourself on the list of banned substances. Stay clean with NSF Certified For Sport™ products and learn about the red flags to watch for when it comes to taking supplements and sport-enhancing products. 

Identifying The Red Flags As A Clean Sport Athlete


There are so many facets as to why athletes end up testing positive for banned substances, and many times they’re unaware that they’re even doing it. From using a dietary supplement that contains ingredients that weren’t labeled to blindly taking a product that you thought was vetted by your team — the area of banned substances can be murky if you’re not attentive to the anti-doping rules, regulations, and updated list of banned substances. 


So, what do the red flags look like? Let’s dive in below!


Red Flag #1: A product you want to take has a prohibited substance labeled.


While this isn’t so much of a red flag as it’s stating the obvious plain and simple, if there is a product that was recommended to you or one you want to try and it is listed as a banned substance, do yourself a favor and don’t take it.


Not sure if it’s banned? Check out the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) list of prohibited substances. 


It’s also important to note that banned substances can have a variety of names, so it’s crucial that you stay privy to all the multiple names. If you don’t know what a specific ingredient is, it’s always in your best interest to do a search and find out more about it.  


Red Flag #2: Choosing a company that uses banned substances in their products. 


This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are companies who make products with both banned and accepted substances, which can bring their products into question. The issue is cross-contamination — it’s a bit like the concern of gluten. If you have celiac, you’ll look for a certified gluten-free facility to ensure there is no risk of gluten in the products you buy, which is why buying from a company who produces both gluten and gluten-free products may be an issue. 


The same is true for a company that uses both banned and accepted substances — you don’t want to risk taking a product that claims to be clean and accidentally find there was cross-contamination in production. 


At the end of the day, choose products such as Proven4 that are NSF Certified For Sport™.


The world of sports supplements and products is evolving at a rapid pace, and as an athlete, it can be difficult to navigate this space. You’re faced with the surmounting pressure to perform and compete at an elite level while all eyes are you. 


You train hard and you want to be the best and if there is something that may give you an extra edge, this is enticing. It’s important to remain transparent and adhere to the anti-doping agencies rules and regulations on substances you can and can’t take. So, why not make it easy for yourself? Why not choose products that are NSF Certified For Sport™?


Stay aware and know the red flags. There are many more red flags to cover, so stay tuned for part three very soon! In the meantime, look for companies that support athletes and work to formulate products follow the anti-doping agencies guidelines. 


Discover products that are NSF Certified For Sport™ and take the guesswork out of the sports products you’re taking! Peruse our recovery and energy products today!




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