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Why Aren’t Supplements Regulated By The FDA Like Drugs Are?

Why Aren’t Supplements Regulated By The FDA Like Drugs Are

Review the call for supplement regulations and why it’s vital to know what’s in your sports supplements!


The dietary supplement industry remains steady and continues to grow in revenue every year, largely as a result of the fact that just about any product can go to market without being verified and tested for purity, safety, and quality. 


It’s the Wild West when it comes to dietary supplements!  


Take the reigns and help tame the Wild West of supplements by choosing products such as Proven4 for its NSF Certified For Sport® label. Follow along in today’s post as we examine why supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA and why it’s important to invest in an independently tested sports supplement product. 



The Billion Dollar Industry

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements — encompassing not only vitamin and mineral formulas but any derived from herbs, amino acids, glands, and enzymes and then distributed as tablets, gel caps, capsules, liquids, or powders — have captured the market. Reports are varied, but show that it brings in anywhere from 30 to 80+ billion dollars in revenue each year. Yet, there is still no single entity that oversees product regulations!


While pharmaceuticals have to go through rigorous testing and allocate a great deal of their budget to get FDA approval and go to market, producing a supplement is much less of an investment. Because of the lack of regulation, they simply have to list that their product


“Does not treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure disease.” 


Latent Action Of The FDA


As a result of the supplement industry being so saturated, the FDA cannot keep up with the number of products that are on the market. It’s when something does go wrong that the FDA can interfere, and oftentimes it’s too late — someone is harmed from the ingredient or an athlete inadvertently ingests a banned substance. 


It’s important to note that the FDA is still able to oversee some of the manufacturing processes and that they try to monitor misleading claims, but unfortunately, they just don’t have the reach to ensure that all dietary supplement manufacturers are playing by the rules. 


To answer the question, Why Aren’t Supplements Regulated By The FDA Like Drugs Are?, lends to a rapidly growing dietary supplement industry to which the FDA can’t keep up with the influx of new products, so many of them go unmonitored unless something goes wrong.  

5 Facts of the Supplement Industry

The Demand For NSF Certified For Sport® Products

NSF logo

The supplement industry isn’t slowing in products or in sales, which is a concern to consumers and athletes. 


Where is the solution and how do we keep people safe? The solution lies with NSF Certified For Sport® products!


NSF Logo on Proven4

If you’re concerned about what’s going into your supplement and if it’s indeed true to the label (and you should be concerned) the natural choice is to choose products with the NSF Certified For Sport® label. 


This label is an independent testing party that ensures that what’s in the product is safe and that it matches what the product label reports. Amongst testing for 270+ banned substances, it also tests for heavy metals, microbial agents, and pesticides and herbicides — the company being tested has to go through a five-step process to even be considered being carried by the NSF Certified For Sport® label.   


Proven4 Bears NSF Certified For Sport® Label


All the sport supplement products in the Proven4 family including our three products have been certified and carry the NSF Certified For Sport® Label. Find our sports supplement products below. 



At Proven4, we’ve chosen to lead the sports supplement industry by certifying our products to protect consumers. It’s a meticulous process, but it’s the right thing to do in our industry. When you choose our workout supplement products, you can know that you’ll always get the following:


  • Verified label and product
  • Safe and clean ingredients
  • No banned substances 


In addition, you’ll feel good about what you’re taking and can then focus all of your time and attention on your training!


The supplement industry doesn’t have to be the Wild West when you choose an NSF Certified For Sport® product! This label is an independent entity that verifies that a product is exactly what it states on the label and that the ingredients match! 


Stay healthy and safe by choosing a Proven4 sports supplement today!