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5 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is a big part of living an all-around healthier life. You can do all of the circuit training you want and religiously take the best pre-workout supplements on the market, but without the right amount of sleep, you will never reach your goals. Along with helping to improve your mood and enabling you to feel rested and ready for you’re next grueling workout, sleep is also when your body repairs and recharges cells and muscles. How much sleep do you need per night? Great question! A recent study that tracked more than 3,000 subjects pinpointed the exact amount men and women should aim for each night — 7.8 hours for men, and 7.6 hours for women.

Having trouble hitting the sack? These tips will help you get your sleeping schedule back on track.


#1. Workout Earlier In The Day

If you can avoid training three or so hours before bedtime, do it. When you train hard and push yourself your body temperature raises. Giving yourself adequate time to cool down can help better prep you for sleep.

#2. Shut Off Electronics

The blue light that emits from tablets, smartphones, and televisions has been shown to disrupted sleep patterns. A study performed at Ohio State using hamsters found that the rodents subjected to light were more lethargic and depressed than hamsters that slept in darkness. Play it safe by shutting down electronics 30 minutes before you turn in for the night.

#3. Regulate Caffeine Intake

P4’s Pre Game Formula is a supercharger before a workout or game. (Why do you think so many pros rely on it?) Thing is, take it too close to bedtime and it’s going to make catching some zzzzzs a pipe dream. You might rep out some extra push-ups during your bout with insomnia, but if you cut off the caffeine mid to late afternoon, you should be set.

#4. Get Out Of Bed

When you can’t fall asleep, sitting in bed wishing you could fall asleep is actually doing more harm than good. Why? You’re concentrating and devoting energy to trying to get to sleep. Instead, get up, walk around for a bit, and then try to again.

#5. Cut Out P.M. Booze

Alcohol can mess with your body’s natural circadian rhythm. So along with adding empty calories or sugar into your diet — as well as hindering muscle growth and lowering testosterone — nighttime booze can also prevent you from achieving a good night’s snooze.


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