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Detroit Marathon Runners: Prove Everything With P4

You can feel it already. The brisk October Michigan air awakening your senses as you gather at Fort and Cass Sunday morning, October 18th. It’s the morning of the 2015 Detroit Marathon. Your rhythmic steps seem to echo the beats of Motown as you pass through historic Corktown and Indian Village, the natural beauty of Belle Isle and the fresh feeling steeped into the Detroit RiverWalk.

You’ve trained. You’ve committed. And you’re ready. The anticipation wells in your throat to work, sweat, endure, and feel the pride of being part of one of the few international marathons in one of the hardest working cities in the country. You will not just finish; you will finish strong. Here any costs you’ve incurred are paid in full with pride. You will not just prove to yourself that you are worthy of this race; you will have the power to prove the past six months of training has been worth the total effort you’ve disbursed. You will have the power to prove everything.

If you’re running the Detroit Marathon this Sunday, remember, NSF-Certified Proven 4 Sports Supplements are not only for professional athletes and Olympians. P4 Pre Game, Energy and Recovery formulas are extremely effective for marathon runners like you.

If you aren’t yet incorporating P4 into your race ritual, see why 16-time marathon runner Nikki Thomson says P4 is a key part of her routine. 

The power of P4 Pre Game hits quickly and you’re off to the races thanks to the inclusion of two energy-aiding ingredients: creatine and CarnoSyn beta-alanine. If you’re feeling sluggish on race day, this is a critical add.

Pre Game Formula and P4 Energy Formula contain the same amount of caffeine, but Energy Formula provides a significant and lasting energy rush that will be more appealing to endurance athletes who want to avoid the pins and needles sensation that beta-alanine can produce. The versatility of Energy Formula extends beyond the gym, track, or playing field. Along with its ability to support energy over the long-term, its energy production can be utilized as a substitute for morning coffee. Electrolytes, green tea extract (a known energy booster) and KarboLyn (a fast-digesting carbohydrate) all work harmoniously to keep your energy levels up. Additionally, Energy Formula features vitamin C, which has been known to help everything from warding off signs of aging to helping immune system functions.

P4 Recovery Push Formula contains a vitamin matrix (including vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, and B12, among others), carbohydrate loader and BCAA’s to help support your body’s recovery following a tough training session.

Pick your P4 power-up, and get P4 shipped to your door in time for race day.