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P4 Helps Former College Athlete Kendyl Mygatt Barrett Find Her Next Five Seconds

For Kendyl Mygatt Barrett, the in-season schedule can be hectic, but she doesn’t let it interfere with her commitment to her own health and fitness. Since she closed out her own collegiate soccer career and married Washington Nationals Reliever Aaron Barrett, she still maintains her love of the game and her love for putting good, hard hours in at the gym. And she taps into the power of P4 to make the most of every workout.

Always An Athlete

Up to this point, Kendyl’s life has centered on her athleticism. She grew up playing competitive soccer, and landed a spot on the Olympic development team by the 8th grade. She was recruited to play college-level soccer in the 9th grade and was in the pool to be on the national team before a knee injury kept her at the collegiate level, playing for Ole Miss. “I was on the road or at practice all the time. I was on so many different soccer teams and had no social life. But I really loved it. I crave being out there. There’s no care in the world when you’re out there doing your own thing. When you’re out there playing, you’re not thinking about anything else. My favorite moment is the five seconds before that whistle blows, and it’s dead silent and no one is thinking about anything besides that whistle.”

Finding the Next Five Seconds 

Kendyl still gets her soccer fix once a week, playing on a co-ed soccer team with her brother. But in this next stage of her life, she finds her peace at the gym—including a blended workout between the rower, elliptical, running, bench, free weights, dumbbells and a rigorous ab workout—and studying hours every day to become a personal trainer and nutritional advisor. “Aaron and I have always believed that God gave us a gift. I [want to focus on] health and nutrition so I can teach my clients about a healthier lifestyle. I can give back and carry it on to others.”

The P4 Effect 

“I wish I knew about P4 when I was in high school and college because I think it would’ve made me an even better player. It makes me feel great. There’s no crash. It gives you a constant flow of energy; I feel like I could go for hours.” Kendyl uses P4 Pre Game right before she works out, then uses P4 Recovery immediately after the gym.

The Importance of “Clean”

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance of what you put in your body,” Kendyl says emphatically. That’s just another reason why Kendyl is so passionate about P4. “What you put in your body gives you energy and power and dictates what your day is going to be like. I wake up around 6:30 and Aaron and I make a super healthy breakfast before he leaves for practice. Then I get ready for the gym with Pre Game.” The fuel Kendyl puts into her body has always been important to her—an influence from her mom. “When we were little, my mom used to give us Triscuit® crackers after school and tell us they were cookies. We had no idea they weren’t, and we loved them,” Kendyl laughs.

With a stringent filter like that, Proven 4 is proud to be part of Kendyl’s routine and her future as a personal trainer.