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P4 Maintains NSF Certified for Sport Standards

P4 was established by professional athlete Frank Catalanotto with the intent of providing athletes with high quality supplements that they could trust. For Catalanotto, this meant becoming an FDA approved company that maintained rigorous quality control, scientific testing and documentation, and offered NSF certified for sport supplements.

Most workout supplements available today are created in independent batches and then blended together into the final form that is sold. This is dangerous for the company as well as the consumer because there is so much room for error within all the various batches. P4 offers the best pre-workout supplements available as well as health supplements, post workout boosts, and a wide variety of other products; every batch of every product is laboratory analyzed and backed by a certificate of approval.

P4’s NSF certified for sport supplements are a three step supplement program that includes our best pre workout supplement, P4 energy drink formula to maintain your energy during the game, and P4’s Recovery Push to help your body recover more quickly. These three NSF certified for sport products were designed, certified, and proven to improve an athlete’s game from start to finish. You can have confidence that they don’t contain a single banned substance so that you can fuel your performance safely.

P4 products are not only supported by professional athletes, they have also been endorsed by industry executives and medical professionals. We offer a full line of dietary supplements formulated with the the purest ingredients available in order to support the health of your entire family. To learn more about our full spectrum of products; from the NSF certified for sports supplements to our daily multi-vitamin, shop around our site and feel free to Contact Us with any questions about which products are best for your family!