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Tips For Working The Outer Calves

During the cold weather months, it’s common for people to lag on training their lower body. What’s out of sight, and covered by snow pants, can easily be placed out of mind. However, if you want to have calves the size of dinner plates come summer, winter is the perfect time to set the plan in motion. Plus, when you add Proven 4’s pre workout supplement to your daily routine, you’ll have the energy to start strong and work hard the entire time.

The lateral head of the gastrocnemius muscle (the outer portion of the calf) can be a tough area to develop. To achieve the results you’re after (jacked calves!), it’ll come down to ramping up the intensity, varying your exercise selection, using the full range of motion with proper exercise form, and making sure you point your toes inward while doing standing, seated, or leg press calf raises. Doing so will specifically target the lateral head.

Try alternating toes in and toes forward every other calf exercise for a three-week time period. For example:

Seated calf raises (toes in)
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 10-15

Leg press calf raise (toes forward)
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 12-20

Standing calf raise (toes in)
Sets: 3-4
Reps: 20-30

This should help bring up the gastrocnemius. If by the end of the cycle you feel that you’re in need of more of a challenge, ramp up the intensity by adding advanced techniques like drop sets or giant sets. Static holds are another go-to for building strength and size. This is where you perform a rep and remain static at the peak contraction for one to three seconds before slowly returning to the start position. The eccentric, or negative, portion of the movement places a lot of demands on the muscle. In the end, the translation will be that you’ll get stronger. Another way to really work your legs is to focus on increasing your vertical leap. No matter what you do, add pre workout supplement to your routine, focus on the proper technique, and you’ll get the results (and the calves) that you want.


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