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​Tips to Crush Your Winter Training!

We know you’re sick and tired of winter. So are we. Frigid temperatures, wearing extra layers of clothing when going from A to B, tiptoeing around black ice on the infrequent days we finally can venture outside for a run. We’re over it. However, spring and warmer weather are just around the corner, so you’re almost able to break free of your cabin fever. And that should serve as the motivation to refocus and dominate what’s left of winter. Apply these tips and you’ll do just that …


Gray, short days can lead to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and sapped energy. Combat lackluster energy levels with a clean diet and proper supplementation. P4’s Pre Game Formula and Energy Formula are great pre-workout supplements that’ll supply you with a rush of energy to conquer your workout. However, you can also mix up Pre Game or Energy Formula as a pick-me-up in the a.m. or late afternoon when you’ve hit the wall after lunchtime.

Take an Exercise Class

Using services like ClassPass can introduce you to various training methods and groups. Surrounding yourself with new people and activities can break the monotony of solo training, spur strength, endurance, and muscle gains, and potentially lead you to finding long-term training partners.

Brighten Up

Making your environment brighter can help you feel less drab. At home, do things like keep the shades up and sit closer to windows.

Walk It Off

At the office, purchase a plant and make time to sneak away for a walk on sunny days. Studies show that taking a midday walk can help elevate mood and ramp up energy. Plus, you’ll get some mood-boosting vitamin D, which can be scarce in the winter.

Stay off of the Scale

The scale isn’t always the best tool to monitor progress. If you’ve been pounding the plates and making gains in the strength department it’s conceivable that your weight ticks up. However, those numbers may affect your psyche and throw your training and diet off track. Instead, allow the mirror or your progress regarding specific goals to be your guide. If you like how you look, you’re doing great. If you’re making strides toward your goal — a bigger vertical leap, a faster 40-yard dash, etc. — your weight isn’t as important.


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