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Top 4 Benefits of Circuit Training

Benefits of Circuit Training

Scurrying from station to station during a circuit training program has plenty of benefits. A huge one is how easily you can incorporate weight training, resistance training, and bodyweight training into one workout session. So if you’ve been slacking on hitting the circuits, it might be time to get with the program. Here’s four more reasons why …

#1. Circuits Are Great When You’re Busy

Circuit training is efficient, which makes it an ideal method when you’re busy but still want to get in a tough full-body workout. Also, considering you can blast through an entire circuit in 15 to 20minutes, it effectively removes the excuse, “I don’t have time to train.”

#2. Your Body Will Experience New Stresses and Demands

Get creative with how you choose to execute your circuits. For example, you can 1) perform a set number of reps at each station for a set period of time; 2) perform a set number of reps of a specific exercise before moving to a new exercise; or 3) perform as many rounds of a circuit as possible for a set period of time.

So long as you’re gassed afterward, there is no right or wrong way to complete a circuit.

Consistently changing how you execute a circuit will expose your muscles to a new and challenging set of demands. Translation: circuits can help you maintain continual fat loss or muscle growth.

#3. Circuits Can Break Monotony

Let’s face it: training can get boring. And monotony is a drain on motivation. When you’re doing something new, it can humble you while invigorating your zest for working out.

#4. More Muscle Endurance

Continuously changing the time under tension (TUT) and fluctuating your metabolic rate can improve overall strength and boost metabolism. While doing so, you’re also gaining more muscular endurance. This, along with taking thebest pre-workout supplementon the market, can translate to longer runs and more reps.