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David Verburg, Proven 4 Speed

“You don’t know how fast you really are. That’s what my dad always says. He believed in me even at times when I didn’t,” explains highly decorated American Track and Field Athlete David Verburg and newest member of the P4 Team.

David has been an 11-time All American at George Mason, a Junior World Champion in the 4x400m, NACAC Champion in the 400m and 4x400m, 2013 World Champion in the 4x400m, 2014 Indoor World Champion in the 4x400m, an Indoor World Record Holder… we could go on. He runs for Adidas, Team USA and we’re extremely proud David powers up with P4.

Anchored Under the Radar

See, David is a competitor. A contender. And some would even say, an unlikely one. David first started running track his junior year of high school to stay in shape for soccer and football. His first full track season wasn’t until that junior year. “My times were terrible. Track was just something to do in the springtime.” All until he had to run the 400m at a “random little meet as a punishment.” “All of the sudden, I ended up #2 in the state,” says David. Then he saw older friends getting scholarships and planning their futures, and decided it was time to take it seriously. “I thought, ‘you know what, I should actually put my heart into it and see what happens.’”

And despite his claims that he wasn’t highly recruited, David still landed a scholarship to George Mason – something he considers one of his biggest personal accomplishments. And he did not squander the opportunity. At first, he continued to fly under the radar, running a 47:15s PR. Then he started dropping times. Started beating bigger name schools. And he had SEC coaches worried when he was anchoring a relay. He graduated George Mason with a 44 PR. He made Olympic trials his junior year and was one spot away from making it, all when he wasn’t even “supposed to” make the meet. And that’s when he realized his future could quite literally be at his feet.

And he’s excited to have P4 right there with him.

Powered by P4

“I saw  Chantae McMillan tweeting about [P4], and I went online to check it out. I thought, this sounds like it could be really beneficial.”

David takes PRE GAME on his way to practice, ENERGY during training and RECOVERY within 15 minutes of completing his practice. “I like the combination of PRE GAME and ENERGY. If you’re feeling sluggish, it definitely puts pep in your step. You get more energy while you’re working out which enhances my practices and helps me get through my workouts.” And with four straight hours a day of anything from long runs and hurdle drills to biometrics and sprint drills, and anywhere from 800 to 1200m on the track, that energy is welcomed. “I take recovery 45 minutes before I go to weights. You break down a lot during training, so I’m able to lift the weight I’m supposed to, and my legs are feeling great.”

Humble in His Heat

“It still shocks me today that I’m where I’m at,” says Verburg, humbly. David is currently training in Gainesville, Florida where he prepared for  last week’s  Men’s 4×400 IAAF/BTC World Relays – there he gave the Americans the lead after the opening leg, helping to earn the USA a world-leading 2:58:43. Next up, the World Championships in Beijing and finally, Rio.

“I’m not the tallest guy. Most are easily 6-foot or taller, and I’m pushing 5’7” on a good day, so people always count me out. But the home stretch is all about who wants it more, and I do.”

Check out David’s bio here and stay tuned to the P4 blog for updates on his progress.


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