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Meet PROVEN Athlete: James Ihedigbo

What motivates Strong Safety James Ihedigbo on the field? The fear of failure. I want to be the best. James lives by his mantra to outwork everyone so he can take advantage of any opportunity put in front of him. And thats why were proud to have James and his indelible athleticism on the P4 Team.

Following his career at UMASS, James entered the NFL in 2007 where hes played for the Jets, Patriots and Ravens before landing at Ford Field with the Detroit Lions.

During the season, he trains harder than ever and takes his work and his workout very seriously. Youre training your body to go 100% max for three straight hours, says James. You’ll go through your circuit then finish with the 300-yard shuttle, and do that three to four times. You’re draining so much, and they don’t want you to slack at all so everything’s full go.

To prep for his workout and for fluid recovery, James has discovered the significant difference between NSF Certified P4 Sports Supplements versus other workout supplements. “I’ve used supplements before and they always made me feel funny. I just didnt feel myself. With P4 I feel myself while still getting the energy that I need. My workouts are so intense, P4 gives me the energy I need to fight through every workout.”

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Check out James Ihedigbos P4 bio and find out how he integrates Proven 4 pre and post workout supplements into his training schedule to maximize his results. And dont miss breaking video updates and exclusive footage from our shoot last month with JamesJoique Bell and Andre Drummond coming soon –follow P4 on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and the P4 blog to stay in the know.


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